Jose Cabrera / Fred P

Determinism EP

Jose Cabrera / Fred P - Determinism EP

Jose Cabrera and Fred P split the first installment of the Perception series. The Determinism EP sees JC and FP giving their slant on principles of quantum level events through sound. Raw and driving, this EP is a more than an adequate DJ tool, it's a formula for the transportation of the subconscious. Determinism is a metaphysical philosophical position stating that for everything that happens there are conditions such that, given those conditions, nothing else could happen. ''There are many determinisms, depending upon what pre-conditions are considered to be determinative of an event.'' Deterministic theories throughout the history of philosophy have sprung from diverse motives and considerations, some of which overlap. Some forms of determinism can be tested empirically with ideas stemming from physics and the philosophy of physics. The opposite of determinism is some kind of indeterminism (otherwise called nondeterminism).

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