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Legowelt / Robert Bergman

Telepathic Civilization / Volg De Vink

cover: Legowelt / Robert Bergman - Telepathic Civilization / Volg De Vink

A Limited 12'' (200 copies) split release with a track from both Legowelt a.k.a Danny Wolfers and Robert Bergman is the result of BAKK's latest project. The core idea is to release a series of 12'' split EP's, carrying one artist with one track on each side. Both tracks compliment eachother in their own unique way. The combinations vary from local to international artists, famous or unknown etc. The A side is a haunting and deep techno track by Westcoast legend and Den Haag local Legowelt. The dark minimalesque Detroit sounds send shivers down your spine and remind us of our nightmares. Definitely one for the early hours... The B side is a hot and heavy distorted MPC jam, cut up out of an old reggae record. in the likes of new skool producer Funkineven. Robert Bergman is the new kid on the block. Teeth grinding material this one! Comes with Screen printed fluor colour label and stickers.

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vinyl 12inch BAKK BAKK001 not available remind