Insight Modulation

Zanagoria - Insight Modulation

Amazing electronics from the Italian sound library scene -- a record that's far darker and much more moody than other Italian albums of the time -- often with complicated tones and elements that rival more important modern electronic composers! Most of the work is relatively spare, and served up in an analogue style that rivals the best BBC Radiophonic material -- although here, the passages are even longer, and have a bigger conception overall -- with less of the feel that these tunes are supposed to be random experiments or sound effects. The material echoes plenty of Pierre Henry, or some of the Dutch electronic experiments too -- and titles include ''Su 60 Impulsi I'', ''Jazz Modulation'', ''Mono-Tone'', ''Diorama E Recitativo'', and ''Condensazioni 1''.

LP Wah Wah: LPS112 € 27,99