Dj Nasty

Guess Whos Back

Dj Nasty - Guess Whos Back

DJ Nasty is a Detroit electro veteran, with a career spanning 15+ years. Nasty is back with a new EP of deep Detroit electro funk! The kind we don't hear too often these days. This EP started back in 2008 scheduled to be released on the late Aaron Carl's Wallshaker Records. Aaron and DJ Nasty worked on this EP between 2008-2009, however these tracks went unreleased due to the tragic passing of Aaron Carl the following year. The EP was unearthed by Detroit DJ Brian Gillespie, who along with his old friend DJ Nasty decided the time was right for the EP to be heard. So here it is..

12inch Yo Sucka: YO106 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L