Luke Wyatt

Teen Hawk

Luke Wyatt - Teen Hawk

a collection of early, unreleased recordings from rising Brooklyn video artist/producer Luke Wyatt.
As one of the rising stars of the East Coast US electronic scene, Luke’s “Torn Hawk” releases on the cult L.I.E.S records introduced his cut up and glitchy take on R&B and House that have recently edged deeper and darker in to the Noise and Techno realms associated with the likes of Demdike Stare and Regis.While the looping percussion and rhythms of Bertone Stratos and I Recommend Starman echo the ethereal beauty of Cluster and La Dusseldorf, they are also mixed with the darker ambient and loop based Wrong Crowd or Greystoke One.

Riding throughout much of this is his beloved looped guitar and eye for a breakbeat. Never more evident that on the album closer, Time For Thick. Here his influences mesh to create a swirling, blissed out, hip-hop meets Aphex MDMA anthem...minus the sexist gangster rap.

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