Shatter and Lose

Prostitutes - Shatter and Lose

The four tracks that make up DIAG005 are short but potent, each a beautifully distilled dose of blackened electronic funk. Hard, woody kicks clunk along roughly, dragging in their wake acidic blurts of synth, tick-tock hi-hats and chunks of fractured vocal. As with his previous releases, the effect on both listeners and potential dancers is both jarring and energising: on opener Kisses Undelivered, charred voices splinter into throes of simultaneous agony and ecstasy, while the metallic shrieks of Crawl On You At Night are sharpened to precise puncture wounds. Yet like Diagonal co-head Powell's music, for all their sparseness and apparent austerity, there's a dark humour and playfulness to Donadio's music. At times it's even freakily catchy. Both Poison The Masses and Sold A Decade At A Time recall later Cabaret Voltaire's sharp fusions of pop nous with sonic experimentation, tempering their spare arrangements with almost-melodic synth lines that ooze, spark and strobe through the mix. This ear for unexpected contrasts of light and dark is coming to define Prostitutes, with these four tracks constituting his most distinctive and infectious material to date.

10inch Diagonal: Diag005 remind
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