Ghost Detergent

Prostitutes - Ghost Detergent

''Ghost Detergent'' is a consummate amalgam of fried gear, chunky bass and fractured samples. Donadio's extraordinary ability to fuse his wide range of influences into a collection of lucidly executed and concise jams has reached it's paragon. ''Ghost Detergent'' is a rhythm-centric maze of fluctuating patterns adorned with crooked fills and raucous melody. ''Ghost Detergent'' has an unhinged, unrelenting churn that stares squarely into a personal vacuum, remaining uninfluenced by the influencers and unflinching in its originality. Neither bird nor egg are relevant here. Prostitutes has managed to carve out it's own tenure in contemporary electronic music by delivering in live performance and by shattering expectations on records. Never does the aesthetic outweigh the content, and ''Ghost Detergent'' delivers only the wheat and none of the chaff.

LP Spectrum Spools: SP041 € 25,99