Paul Nelson


Paul Nelson - Vortex

Medical Records' first reissue originating from the Pacific Northwest region of the USA in association with 2510 Records in Portland. Originally released in 1981. Highly influenced by Alan Parsons, ELP, and ENO. Armed with analog gear such as the Sequential Circuits 600 sequencer, Oberheim DS-2, etc, Paul was offered an opportunity to record his own album which led to the Recording Associates sessions during which "Vortex" was born. The LP was also half-speed mastered at JVC Studios in CA. The opening track "Automated Man" which also happens to be the only track with vocals, is a slab of genuine electro greatness with it's sharp synth hooks and vocoded vocals. The LP takes many twists and turns with many tracks of sequenced pulsations, electronic drums, and rhythms reminiscent of the Sci-fi soundtracks mixed with a healthy dose of almost proggy space/cosmic disco crossed with later-age Tangerine Dream. "Vortex 2" is a perfect example of the above description with imagery of a Blade Runner esque chase scene meets Carpenter at his most upbeat. "Labyrinth" takes more a more relaxed synth odyssey approach with slower percussion and a spacier vibe overall. The rest of side 2 "Vortex 3-4-5" is a magnificent build up of ambient soundscapes that morph into a slow cosmic burner and fades out again into the darkness to close the LP. All tracks have been restored and remastered by Paul Nelson for this release. For fans of library synth, sci-fi soundtracks, and other more sequenced electronic acts such as Tangerine Dream, Axxess, and minimal synth. This reissue is presented on high-quality 180gram splatter paint on opaque white vinyl. Features exact reproduction of the front and infamous back covers. Contains bonus insert with in-depth interview with Paul Nelson by Else Teicher. Limited edition.

LP Medical Records: MR-024 € 18,99