Crystal Cult 2080 Album Sampler

Legowelt - Crystal Cult 2080 Album Sampler

Ahead of the release of his next full-length album on Creme Organization, irrepressible Dutchman Legowelt has readied a new EP. This EP features four tracks, one of which is Crystal Code 2080, which will also appear on the forthcoming album Crystal Cult 2080. The EP starts with the track from the new album. Coated in melodic mysticism and alive with many impish synth spirits, a celestial mood pervades the whole track as jumbled acid lines and jacking percussion fill in the foreground with plenty of energy. The other three tracks are just as muddled and multi-layered, texturally rich and typically Legowelt. They include the eeriness of Majestic Alchemy, the stormy and filmic emotions of 'Mistral' and classic house jack of Do What U Gotta Do with its mesmerising synth lines and deep moods.

EP Creme: CR1273 remind