Self And Selfish

Iv/An - Self And Selfish

For the first time ever on vinyl, Iv/An's spectacular debut album Self
and Selfish. Toiling away for years in relative obscurity, this Ex-Yu cult
vocalist has a slew of highly sought after releases on his own boutique
label as well as Belfast's Tonn Recordings and more recently Austria's
Fettkakao. Blending new romanticism with a stern style of coldwave - he
sings and produces every song himself - Iv/An has been a staple of the
Balkan and Austro-Hungarian live scene for close to a decade now. Recently
he started to make waves internationally with an intense live set for
Intergalactic FM, where his sleeper hit ''Loopholes'' (a collaboration with
Mahk) turned more than a few heads. He featured prominently in Henry
Rollins' 2022 end of year radio show and is constantly performing and honing
his vocal craft.

Strictly limited to 400 copies on White Vinyl in exclusive sleeve design, so
whatcha waitin for?

Mini-LP Creme: Creme41-5 € 17,99