Hakim Murphy

Freeform Terraforming Ep

Hakim Murphy - Freeform Terraforming Ep

Stunnig ep by Hakim Murphy. Arguably his most beautiful release to date. ''Smog'' is the initial signal to land - beginning with cascading bleeps and sonars before a buzzing sawtooth assumes first contact. Proceeding to encapsulate all Earthlings with its electromagnetic hum - it's no wonder people are rushing to the top of apartment blocks to try and bootleg this shit on their phones. ''Vortex'' is next, taking us right through the wormhole into the domain of machine-elves and humongous multi-headed entities, all eager to show us the porthole to paradise. A blissful bubble of ricocheting snares, delectable synth rubs and celestial goodness awaits. ''Spanking Tables'' concludes the set and sees Hakim display his amazing control of percussion and unusual sounds; comfortably easing us in with our new galactic friends. Synthetic toms, drifting pads and sharp hats all converging on our bodies. Beautiful stuff. Recommended!!

12inch Ill Rivers: IIIr002 remind