Spooked / Clarity (Dismantled)

Batu - Spooked / Clarity (Dismantled)

Following on from the success of their self titled label compilation in October, the Livity Sound collective returns for a final transmission in 2013 courtesy of their sister label dnuoS ytiviL. (pronounced ‘Livity Sound’, if you were wondering…) A strictly underground operation, it’s manifesto is to release music with a shared aesthetic to it’s parent label and it did just that earlier in the year, delivering two dancefloor bombs by Manchester’s Alex Coulton in the form of the ‘War Games’ / ‘Pointe Noire’ 12”. ‘Spooked’ and ‘Clarity (Dismantled)’ are both produced by new UK based artist Batu whose signature alien dub dance and snaking hypnotic rhythmic styles reflect the mutating underground UK and round off a killer year for the label as a whole. This 12” follows on from Batu’s debut vinyl release on Pinch’s Cold Recordings label.

12inch dnouS ytiviL: 799YTIVIL € 9,99