Shtum 003

Yor - Shtum 003

Having already released records by Monomood and Kryptic Universe, shtum continues its trip through dark and gritty territories with its third record by Yor. And what he delivers is pure Techno-bliss. "Nachtwache" starts things off rather groovy with its Tom-heavy beats and rising synths. Following up, "Ritus" is driven by a hypnotic chord delay and makes an advanced Techno-track you can't resist on the dance floor. On the flipside it gets even more bewitching. "Agony" develops a never ending suction over its 8 minute length. This is music to get lost into. Finally, "Under The Influence" is no less mesmerizing but more playful Techno. It's a track that feels like a storm is coming. Once again, the illustration on the B-side label is by Aram Haydeyan.

12inch Shtum: Shtum003 remind
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