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Aurora Halal / Haron

Dance My Pain Away (Tribute) / The Langolier Hustle

cover: Aurora Halal / Haron - Dance My Pain Away (Tribute) / The Langolier Hustle

BAKK continues with the 12'' split EP's and will take you to a mysterious but lucid dance floor. The A side is a heavy hitter by Aurora Halal, musician, visual artist and organizer of the infamous Mutual Dreaming parties in New York which roofed artists from Traxx to Anthony 'Shake' Shakir. A frantic homage to Rod Lee's B-more club classic, Dance My Pain Away (Tribute) covers the grey area between passing out and going all out. This one keeps you sharp with it's heavy kicks and snares that whirl like a helicopter. Speaking of tributes, the B-side is a serenade to Stephen King's ''The Langoliers'' by rising star Haron from Amsterdam - a stubborn electro track with stomping 808 kicks from start to finish. The claustrophobic synths fuse with a hypnotizing wobbling bass that wavers like turbulence and drives you towards giving everything you got. Let ''The Langolier Hustle'' be your pilot to a new adventure for all the dance floor deviants out there. Comes with Screen printed fluor colour label and stickers.

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