Ultracity / Donald Waugh, remix by Waldemar Schwartz


Ultracity / Donald Waugh, remix by Waldemar Schwartz  - Lonely

Rollerboys Recordings isn't known to be a label stressing out releases, but when they put a new vinyl in the crates, it's always brilliant. On Rollerboys Recordings 010, the Duo Ultracity have teamed up with the legendary singer Donald Waugh, and the result is amazing. On their track Lonely, Ultracity & Donald, bring house back to where it belongs, with beautiful harmonies, handcrafted drum-machine patterns and true vocals by a genuinely gifted vocalist! To crown this masterpiece, they brought in Waldemar Schwartz for a remix! Waldemar has created a totally different song, where he has woven his disco version around the vocal. A truly great release! Feedback: "WOW, love the shuffle and the harmonies" Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus) "Great music as always I wish you much luck with this release" DJ Nature (Golf Channel) "Sounds sick the Wald mar Rmx is class too" Mark E (Merc Music) "Love these mixes! The classic 70s discobass on Waldemar Schwartz remix is pure pleasure for my ears - and the 90s house feel of Ultracity Shadow dub will go down well in any club these days. Cant wait to play these out this weekend!" Kasper Bjorke (Plant Music) "The Shadow Dub is Great" Rune Lindbaeck (Drum Island Records) Support: Young Marco, DiscoDromo, Mark Seven, Marvin Carl Schuhmann (Public Possession), Benjamin R

12inch Rollerboys: Roller010 € 8,49