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Mumdance & Logos - Legion / Proto

True to the original spirit of Tectonic. With a sense of grand simplicity the duo have managed to seamlessly merge elements of UK hardcore-jungle, pounding, mesmerising techno, gut-wrenching grime and paranoid dubstep into the dancefloor beast that is ‘Legion’. Flip for ‘Proto’, continuing the old-skool jungle vibes and rolling them out, again, at 128bpm. The intro charges up with a muted 4/4 kick pattern, and a demented hoover sample – getting progressively more aggressive as it develops. Then comes the rush of broken breakbeats and 808s, cutting forwards and backwards, unsettling your balance and wrong-footing your expectations. 100% killer. Tip!

12inch Tectonic: Tec075 € 9,99