Comfort Zone EP

Coni - Comfort Zone EP

The show begins with ''The Opposite'' where an ever growing synth pad pattern keep going while some dusty toms make things tribal and warm. Playing with the low and the high pass to create pressure points, it makes the tension floating all along this confident and sunny opener. The next one ''Napalm'' is a direct homage to the Dance Mania legacy, the Chicago flavor is all over this straight banger, in the purest form possible. Using some jacking 606 and a 909 mixed with some old organ is enough to build this obsessive tool, ready for any floor. On the flip, ''Bunker's Groove'' dives into a more darker territory, aimed for the late hours of a warehouse party, it's filled with muffled percussions and decay getting lost in analog reverbs. Distilled in the track, some rare stabs loosely looking like some sounds used in the ballroom scene are here to remind us that we're still in the club, but deep, deep below the surface. Maintaining the same mood, ''Exit To The Comfort Zone'' ends the EP in a more introspective fashion. Beat-less and full of sci-fi noises, the human presence is just allowed via some long distance voices recorded from an unknown past, then quietly fades into some electronic mist. Tip.

12inch ClekClekBoom Recordings: CCB12015 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L