Sascha Rydell

Absorbed in Thought

Sascha Rydell - Absorbed in Thought

Key Fachwerk team member Sascha Rydell is back on his home label founded by Mike Dehnert with another EP of searing techno. 'Thought Disorder' is a cantering, bulky affair with clipped vocals trapped in the middle of meaty drum loops. It's a well-swung track that has plenty of height to it, while 'Haptic' appears to make sue of the same vocal phrases. This time it's subtler, buried deep in a minimal percussive line and dubby, swaying drums. With some cute finger clicks joining the fray, this one is perfect for early evening warm-ups where the opener is a peak time banger. Filling up the b-side is Moony's remix of 'Rings Of Smoke' - a track by Roberto that was released on Fachwerk's previous EP. This new remix is a jazzy bit of dubbed out house with whispered vocals, uneven but warm piano chords and rolling kick drums that all make for a seductive and propulsive listen

12inch Fachwerk: FW032 € 8,49