Handsome Stranger Ep

Mermaids - Handsome Stranger Ep

Glasgow based MermaidS have been quietly making waves since 2011 with an infectious blend of choppy edit-style punchers and slow morphing body music. The Handsome Stranger EP kicks off with 'Cherry Cola', a looped-up thumper that builds on perfectly paced vocal refrains until it crescendos and blasts an unforgettable horn all the way home. 'Signal' revs up gradually and gains momentum with ease, displaying MermaidS' keen ability to chug with the best of em. Flip over to the B and 'Chateau Mermont' thrusts full bore into choppy waters, cranking up the heavy heat for heady floor moments. 'Everything But You' rounds out the wax with knuckles to concrete abound - pounding beats and a submerged bouncy bassline. Nice!!

12inch Young Adults: YA006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L