Long Time Coming EP

Lumina - Long Time Coming EP

The Dogmatik imprint returns with a fresh four-track EP from Lumina, entitled 'Long Time Coming' and backed with Rndm and Jimmy Clanfield remixes. Alison Marks and Helen Copnall aka Lumina met during studies at Manchester University where the pair embraced the diverse and thriving rave scene the city has to offer. Soon after meeting the duo begun to craft compositions together, Marks focuses on the sound design, mixing and vocal aspects of the productions, much like she does in her other project Wallflower, while Copnall works the synthesizers with an acute attentiveness for programming. Here we see Lumina offer up a stunning debut under this title via the Dogmatik imprint, following the footsteps of now established artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Dusky and of course label-head Alex Arnout. The original mix of title cut 'Long Time Coming' opens up the release, a charming, understated record led by dreamy arpeggiated synth lines and soft ethereal atmospherics. While the rugged rhythms and throbbing sub bass tones generate a powerful dance-floor focused edge to contrast the hypnotic textures. Following we're provided with a remix of 'Long Time Coming' from the ever on-point Rndm, a producer who maintains a quality over quantity release schedule, as expected we're treated to a raw and gritty workout fuelled by punchy offkilter drums, infectious low-end grooves and an ever-evolving dynamic laid out over seven minutes, yet another intelligent and dexterous piece of work here from the German producer. On the flip side we have a second offering from Lumina entitled 'Gina X', once again taking on a dreamy feel with jazz-tinged synth lines, swirling, shuffled percussion and tension building strings as the bumpy bass hook carries the groove with ease throughout the tracks duration. The package is then rounded off with a 'Long Time Coming' rework from London based producer Jimmy Clanfield, who tips the focus over to a more reserved, stripped-back feel, bringing penetrating rhythms, heady bass and processed vocal snippets to the forefront, while the subdued synth sounds simmer away in the depths of the background.

12inch Dogmatik: Dogm1207 € 8,49