SPS (John Swing, EMG, Battista)

Sintomi Di Gravita

SPS (John Swing, EMG, Battista) - Sintomi Di Gravita

Sparse and daring sonic experimentations, as the name suggests, on this fresh imprint by the upstream collective that is John Swing, EMG and Battista. The first two have now established their patterns of work via the Livejam and Relative stables, while the third has been busy pushing his sound through the younger and ever-promising Uaudio label. A common obsession with machines and spontaneity has led them to this latest collaborative effort; two extended, wide-eyed jams - one per side of the plate - which shift from moments of stability to sudden bursts of chaos. The A-side represents the former; a thick layer of chords, gritty low-ends and icy percussion slither out of the whirlpool only to become locked into a moody, cut-throat groove. The flip cuts the formalities and dives head first into a deluge of saturated hardware fuzz, showcasing the trio's more abstract personalities as conjurers of fine noise-funk. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies, 180g.

12inch Sperimentazioni Sonore: SPS001 € 4,99