The 15 Dead Minutes

Purging The Pious

The 15 Dead Minutes - Purging The Pious

Old school gast paced techno/ acid tracks. a collection of raw and frenzied battle tools cut straight from a series of wild hardware sessions, where distortion runs free and sound waves run riot. On the a-side 'Purge The Pious' recalls the burning intensity of '90s techno in a penetrating style that is 100% T15DM, followed by the marauding acidic electro of '20 Parts Per Million' that'll no doubt score bonus points with fans of their previous 12'' on Trensmat. On the flip, the surging 'Your Belief Is Broken' continues along a sinister path, with a spitting lead synth that manages to be uplifting yet equally unnerving. 'Ugly Growths' closes out the record and lives up to its name - a lunging attack of mutant acid that highlights the trio's love for crawling sound textures and mad sequences.

12inch Earwiggle: Ear007 € 10,99