Svreca Remixes

TM404 - Svreca Remixes

The medieval alchemists were obsessed with anti-poles; often exploring the possibilities to mix substances and energies together that were considered to belong to opposite elements, trying to merge them into new, higher forms. Sometimes with impressive results that have effected the development of modern chemistry and medicine. And sometimes, of course, resulting in their covert workshops being blown to smithereens. In any case, mixing opposites is always an interesting project, and that brings us to the present release from Kontra-Musik. On the one hand, we have Swedish National Treasure Andreas Tilliander and his already classic TM404-album. On the other hand we have Svreca, the dark prince of Semantica Records and the heir to Oscar Mulero. We thought it would be most interesting to blend these clearly diverse elements together. We where right. There is a very clear and constant division through the entire release. On one hand you have the warm, fuzzy analogue dubbiness of TM404, on the other hand you have the focused, trimmed and piercing techno from Svreca. Where TM404 brings out beams of acid sunlight from his silver boxes, Svreca conjures up a starless night with his relentless beats. It's a bit like Saruman was given the permission to remix a Gandalf record. TM404 + Svreca. A piece of modern Alchemy, brought to you from the Kontra-Musik workshop.

EP Kontra Musik: KM037 remind
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