Maison Sky


Maison Sky  - 69

Peak time modern UK house tracks.''69'' leads the EP. Subtle textures, organic drums and dusty stabs build over a hypnotic rhythm. Maison's booming kick drums and skippy percussion combine with a simple catchy hook. ''Dedo's Song'' shows real emotion and progression building on atmosphere and the subtle interlacing of chords creating a rich and deep enviroment. Combined with an almost live sound to the beats, the lads give this track some real warmth and depth. ''Lido'' completes the EP, musically pushing their sound forward whilst maintaining dance floor impact. Layering lush melodies over powerful kick drums to establish Maison Sky's signature sound. Dynamically a great record which works as well in the club as on your iPod. We're very pleased to have Maison Sky join the Materials family as friends and artists we admire.

12inch Materials: MTRLS002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L