Tom Hooker

Illusions / Nobody Loves Me

Tom Hooker - Illusions / Nobody Loves Me

Without a doubt the most successful and known voice in the Italo Disco history is Tom Hooker. Many Italo hits under the name Den Harrow are credited Tom Hooker as the voice and actual singer. Tom Hooker is the man from mega classics like Looking For Love and Real Men. His collaboration with the great producer Miki Chieregato started in the early days of Italo-Disco and is today still going strong. Together they have written two new songs ''Illusions'' and ''Nobody Loves Me''. Both songs has been remixed exclusively for I Venti d'Azzurro Records and the final result is stunning. Two exciting hits which will grow on you to become real ''classics''. The hitsound of the 80s, when these guys ruled the Italo Disco World, is back with this double-hit release.

12inch I Venti d'Azzurro: VAM20.14 € 22,99