Bal Pare

Early Recordings

Bal Pare - Early Recordings

Medical Records presents a hand-picked selection of the early recordings of Germany's Bal Pare. Members were Kirsten Klemm (vocals), Jan T. Krahn (Synthesizer) and Matthias Schuster (Synthesizer, Beatbox). The band changed their name to Bal Pare and begin recording independently. In addition, drummer Jurgen Weiss joined the band. The first Bal Pare LP "Hamburg-Paris-Catania" was released in 1982 on Konkurrenz Records. Since they had a large fanbase in Sweden, the second release ("Metamorphose") came out in Stockholm on the Krautrock label. Around this time, a new member, Manfred Asmus , joined on keyboards and programming and Jan T. Krahn and Jergen Weiss had left the band. Much of the material from this selection of tracks were culled from unreleased sessions from the 80s with Manfred Asmus (and subsequently also collected on the "Best of" CD only release in 1996 on Tatra Records. The original two LPs are long out of print and demand very high prices on the collectors market. This is the first time this collection has been reissued on vinyl. The opening track "Rien" is a perfect display of what synth pop is modeled after. Rich lead synth textures, male/female interplayed vocals, and electronic percussion. Though the entire record flows with ease and captivates the listener from beginning to end, other standout tracks include "Palais d'Amour", "Die Idioten", and "Meilleur Du Monde". This collection is absolutely crucial for fans of early new wave such as Deux, Moderne, Performance and other similar acts of the genre. The tracks have been lovingly restored by Matthias Schuster. Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight red/clear vinyl.

LP Medical Records: MR-040 remind