Steven Pieters

Don't Try To Understand It

Steven Pieters - Don't Try To Understand It

Triphouse Rotterdam picks up the pace with head honcho Steven Pieters dropping his long awaited debut solo EP following shortly after Shobba's Cosmic Jungle. After having released on Wolfskuil Ltd, Kindisch and other labels over the last couple of years, the time is right to utilise the crews own label for his solo four tracker. Don't Try To Understand It features a selection of tracks he made over the past three years and much in line with his dj sets contains a wide palette of influences ranging from deep atmospheric house to acid and UK rave. Not feeling bounded by any preconceived notions on how a track should be put together, Steven manages to switch effortlessly between broken and straight beats. He has given each of the tracks it's own distinct character while overall maintaining his signature psychedelic style elements; snappy rhythms, shards of acid and uplifting strings. The A side brings two variations based around the same theme, a spoken word passage that provides answers to the bigger questions in life. Part 1 quickly builds up the tension to a whip cracking groover designed to put a dancefloor in motion. Part 2 draws the listener into more etherical atmospheres with acid lines drowning slowly in soft chords, underlined by driving percussion and sparse but effectively used hints of piano. On the flipside Ouija Board takes a more dark and sinister approach with eerie metallic strings layered on top of a UK flavoured bass heavy beat that reeks of the shady warehouse parties from bygone days. Murder On The Trancefloor brings an old school house vibe with heavily reverberating beats, punchy basses and a very lush string arrangement that creates instant lift-off. If you were wondering what the Triphouse sound stands for, this is it; inter-planetary head nod evoking music for the discerning crowd.

12inch Triphouse Rotterdam: Trip004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L