Anthony Rother


Anthony Rother - Balkonien

By now Dutch label Shipwrec has well and truly established itself as a go-to outlet for excellent modern electro. As such, it makes perfect sense that their next release - a special one-sided pressing - is from revered electro specialist Anthony Rother. It sees the man offer up some pure dancefloor fire that is part techno, part electro, but wholly awesome. What's more, the blank b-side of this extra boutique 180g vinyl will be silkscreen printed and will come in a special sleeve. It will be a limited run, with no represses, and is the start of a new series of such releases from Shipwrec. The track, entitled 'Balkonien', is a broody affair from the off, with a supple, rubbery bed of kicks down low and a molten synth line up top. As things unfold, a nebulous network of celestial pads spiral about, the drums bounce more and lots of sinewy machine lines dance about and have you doing the same. It's an instant modern classic full of electronic soul, frankly!

One sided 12 Shipwrec: SSPS1 remind