Caron - Shattered

2020 was a year like no other. Thankfully, Shipwrec is slowly returning to normality. Not only is the label back to releasing form, but also the roster of artists is being expanded with the superb addition of Caron. Known for his releases on labels like 030303 and Brokntoys, Caron debuts on Shipwrec with a four tracker of sheer quality. Off-kilter percussion introduces the breathy pads and grandeur of "Ancestry," a piece of dreamy chords and acid undertones. The haunting "Common Sense" follows. Drums stagger next spectral vocals in this chilling electro piece. A similar stalking note continues on the flip with the 303 soaked "Lost." A steady kick offers a bedrock from which looming keys, bitter squawk and dancefloor paranoia take hold. Hopeful shades arrive with the brilliance of "Ruins." From industrial percussion and metallic rinses, a deep and intricate finale forms to bring "Shattered" to a terrific close.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship067 € 10,49