Roberto Clementi


Roberto Clementi - Diodes

After an acclaimed album on Soma and two releases on Echocord Colour, it's time for Italian producer and sound designer Roberto Clementi to join the Kontra-Musik family. With that kind of discography, you'd expect dub and lot's of it, but this in not your average dub techno record. With the use of tape and field recordings and an array of analogue machinery Roberto Clementi has created what we would like to call an "All nighter". The steady thumps and growling dubs of the title track Diodes is the perfect welcome to a dark and smoky dance floor, and the sweeping synths and life sustaining open hihat of the last track, Into, is the perfect goodbye. Between the open and the close you have have the analogue grit and amplitude of The Optimist for peak time purposes, as well as a refreshingly dizzy-making breath of fresh air from 15 years. Afterwards, as you stumble out in the bright morning light, your head will still be echoing with Roberto Clementi's exquisite craftsmanship. From early to late, from late to early - Diodes is a round the clock musical treatment from Kontra-Musik.

EP Kontra Musik: KM038 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L