Ziad Rahbani

Abu Ali

Ziad Rahbani - Abu Ali

Remastered reissue of one rare folk-disco project coming from Lebanon. The producer Ziad Rahbani (a great Lebanese composer) released only one disco project for the Zida label and was pressed in avery limited run in 1978 of about 500 copies only (due to some difficulties coming from the political situation that occurred in Lebanon), so today it's not easy to find original copies in nice conditions and you have to consider that the original pressing quality wasn't at the highest levels. We have now the opportunity to buy again this masterpiece remastered and repressed in Europe at high quality levels. Ziad Rahbani (born January 1st, 1956) is a Lebanese composer, pianist, performer, playwright, and political commentator. He is the eldest son of Fairuz and Assi Rahbani. His compositions are well known throughout the Arab world, especially because he is responsible for Fairuz's musical works from 1980s onwards. Many of his musicals satirize Lebanese politics both during and after the civil war, and are often strongly critical of the traditional political establishment.

12inch Music Gallery Recordings: MGR003 remind