Martial Solal

A Bout De Souffle

Martial Solal - A Bout De Souffle

Don’t miss this vinyl edition of the original soundtrack to Jean Luc Godard’s 1960 masterpiece A Bout De Souffle! Co-written with François Truffaut, it was one of the most influential films of the French Nouvelle Vague, blazing the trail for a whole new brand of filmmaking. For the soundtrack, Godard enlisted the talents of Martial Solal, a member of the Parisian jazz scene who had worked with Django Reinhardt, Sidney Bechet and Don Byas, among others. Solal’s low key approach gave to A Bout de Souffle exactly the ambience it needed to exude “young, cool and sexy” from every pore… which more than 50 years later it still does with surprising efficacy. Limited edition of 500 copies.

LP Doxy: DOC111 remind