Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X)

Unit 2669

Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X) - Unit 2669

Golden Pudel's Helena Hauff and F#X charge a rampant 2nd session of gristly hardware roil as Black Sites for PAN. Relentlessly bloody-minded and primed for strobe-and-smoke-lit 'floors, both sides give up some of the most damaged no wave/acid that we've heard all year. A-side: 'Unit 2669' locks lampin' kicks and mind-swilling 303s to a rusted thumb piano/cowbell motif for 12 minutes of noxious, incessant club fuel in the mould of classic Bunker/Acid Planet bangers. B-side: 'Mockba' is a different kettle of radioactive, three-eyed fish, fxxking the beats off in favour of pulsing S.O.S. signals and waves of tarry black noise with a chaotic rhythmic agenda.

12inch Pan: Pan057 remind