Anthony Naples

Body Pill

Anthony Naples - Body Pill

Body Pill is a surprising album for Anthony, his most understated and mature release to date. Body Pill opens with a wall of ambient noise on ''Ris'', only to be overtaken by an a modest synth groove. Ambient noise washes over and eventually overtakes tracks like ''Way Stone'' and ''Pale'' later on in the record. But that's not to say there aren't echoes of Naples' work for Mister Saturday Night lurking throughout the record. ''Abrazo'' feels like the natural companion to Anthony's earlier singles, with elegant strings mingling with a deconstructed house-inspired beat. ''Used to Be'' is arguably Anthony's largest beat to date whose rolling hi-hats counterbalance the track's stabbing synths. The album's closer ''Miles'' abruptly morphs from a lo-fi house anthem into a surprisingly minimal synth soundscape, a microcosm of the record as a whole.

LP Text Records: Text034 € 9,99