Caribou Vibration Ensemble

CVE Live 2011

Caribou Vibration Ensemble - CVE Live 2011

Caribou himself sums it up quite nicely: ''We’ve played a lot of shows and it’s senseless to document them all but every once in a while you get the feeling that something special is happening – and that it might only happen once. That’s what it felt like when in 2011 we assembled a group of friends – Four Tet, James Holden, Ahmed Gallab of Sinkane and the quartet of horn players who recorded on ‘Swim’: Kyle Brenders, Colin Fisher, Rob Piilonen and Steve Ward, and the four members of Caribou’s regular touring band - under the name of the Caribou Vibration Ensemble. And that’s why it felt like it would be a good idea to document it.'' Comes in clear sleeve with a poster designed by Jason Evans and Matthew Cooper. Very limited quantities...!

LP Caribou Vibration Ensemble: CVE002 € 21,99