Nozinja / Tessela

Wa Chacha

Nozinja / Tessela - Wa Chacha

On a cold rainy day in London, Tessela met up with Nozinja in a East London pub for a quick pint. They got on like a house on fire, swapping production techniques and notes from their drastically different approach to making electronic music. They ended up going back to Tessela’s studio down the road for an impromptu recording session. What you hear now is the results… 2 very different takes on the same song. ‘Wa Chacha’; produced by 2 artists at the top of their game with a mere distance of 8,000 miles separating their respective hometowns. Nozinja, of Shangaan Electro fame – who is currently prepping for his forthcoming full length album on Warp Records, wrote the original song and was asked by Bleep to collaborate with Tessela for this special one-off 12″ release. Tessela – the UK based producer gaining attention through skilfully blurring the boundaries between techno, jungle and fractured rhythmical structures through his incredible releases on R&S Records, Punch Drunk and of course his incredible break-out self-released track ‘Hackney Parrot’, jumped at the opportunity to work with the genre-pioneering South African producer.

12inch Bleep: BLP005 remind