Anthony Shake Shakir

Club Scam Ep.

Anthony Shake Shakir - Club Scam Ep.

The ''Club Scam EP'' was originally released in 1993 and lead track ''That's What I Want'' is based around an inspired chopped up vocal sample lifted from the B-52's 1982 underground hit ''Mesopotamia'' used here to devastating effect across 2 different mixes and featuring Shake's trademark Garage-like skippy drum programming. ''The Ying & Yang'' and ''My Mantra'' are much deeper affairs, 2 variations of the same track building slowly into cascades of insistent drum programming and futuristic Detroit pads while retaining enough bounce to rock even the staunchest of dance-floors. Basically, the ''Club Scam EP'' is the real deal, a true connoisseurs record, one for the heads, but one for the feet also, Shake's music manages to stimulate the mind and make you want to dance at the same time. Legendary stuff indeed. This 2015 re-press and re-master has been brought to you with the cooperation and full permission of KMS Records, Detroit, MI. and features scanned 1993 label artwork.

12inch Trance Fusion: TF514 € 9,99