Boy 8-Bit

Jungle Gym / Timeworks

Boy 8-Bit - Jungle Gym / Timeworks

The straight up dance floor oriented house shuffle of 'Jungle Gym' sits on the A-Side, with its modulated FM bass, descending harps and the repeated call to ''Move''. On the B side he returns to his more melodic and progressive side with 'Timeworks'. The arpeggiator is left to run, providing both the bass and the top line, over a bed of vintage synth strings and a 120bpm groove. Also included are remixes by two other inhabitants from the darker corners of Boy 8-Bit's mind. Roy Apron brings his trademark ''Angry Typewriter'' UK Funky derived drums, over air pushing deep subs and dark ambiences, for a heads down take on the original. Next, Shako takes on 'Timeworks'. His techno influence firmly rooted in the 90s, he ditches the progressive elements of the original, keeping only the slightest remnants of the original melody and layering them over a relentless, acid led frame.

12inch Vindig: VINDIG0291 remind