David Holmes

'71 (Original Soundtrack)

David Holmes - '71 (Original Soundtrack)

Electronic artist and film score specialist Holmes scored this soundtrack without having glimpsed a single scene of the feature length picture about a soldier getting lost in Belfast. Inspired by John Carpenter’s ‘Assault from Precinct 13’ and ‘Escape From New York’, the music is typically taut and full of tension. Opener ‘You’re Going to Belfast’ is based around pulse-like bass before mutating into ‘The Hunt’ which uses Mogwai-like guitar spindles. That pulse mentioned in track one re-appears on several of the tracks on the first side and seems to be a running theme throughout the opening half of the record. Eerie sounds cut in and out of the mix as tension is pushed to almost unbearable limits. There are moments of calm, particularly on ‘Need a Way Out’, which uses gorgeous guitar arpeggios that come as a relief after the built up tension. The latter half of the record seems to be more becalmed with hushed instrumentation, quietly picked out guitar and soothing drones, with closer ‘We’ll Be Fine I Promise You’ almost drifting into Talk Talk territories. All copies of this limited release are numbered.

LP Touch Sensitive Records: TSR001 € 37,99