The Last Dungeon

Lucretio - The Last Dungeon

There was a time at the end of the eighties in which virtuous Japanese musicians were forced to use just a few kilobytes to arrange the music of the videogames of the 8 bit era. Despite the limitations of the early days of the digital music, the evocative power of their composition has remained unchallenged. After a quarter of century, Lucretio has rearranged and produced two of these forgiven gems with the latest hardware technology, forging for them an heavy dancefloor armor.'The Last Dungeon' originally written by Shinichi Sakamoto and 'Rise of The Penguin' originally written by Motohiro Kawashima, are Lucretio’s tribute to two of the masters of the SN76489 chip and to the beauty of this lost minimalist symbolism.

12inch Machines State: MSP006 remind