Super Public

Lottery Of Life

Super Public - Lottery Of Life

Super Public returns! Lottery of Life is the follow-up to instant-classic ''More Than A Marathon.'' ''Lottery Of Life'' works the vintage synthesizers and classic rhythm machines even harder, producing intricate funk and even deeper, more lush dance floor magic. ''Music is My Jam'' begins with a leisurely retro-melodic cruise but soon finds itself in the midst of a heavily syncopated rhythmic downpour, finally taking a minute to gather the senses before returning home. ''Why Are We Whispering'' is somehow speedy and moody at the same time. Unquestionably late night, managing to be intimate yet propulsive, there's a little space to catch your breath, but you probably won't want to.

EP Chambray Records: Cham009 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L