Leon Debouse

A Fine Instrument

Leon Debouse - A Fine Instrument

uber-rare Soul & Funk mined from the deepest, darkest corners of the TK Disco vaults all the way down there in Miami! Leon DeBouse, an unknown Miami vocalist dropped his ''A Fine Instrument'' LP on tiny TK offshoot Bold Records in 1977 & it's crammed full of sweet modern Soul gems (Check ''Getting With My Baby'' & ''Every Fellas Girl'' for starters!) that all have that deep, sun-drenched groove that works just as well lounging at home as it does on a sweaty dance-floor! If small label, obscure, low budget, over-looked, positively ''off the radar'' Soul is your thing then Leon's debut LP is definitely for you! This LP is an extremely rare piece, sought after among serious Soul / Boogie fanatics around the world & often reaching over the £200 mark when a used copy comes up for sale! This pressing has been re-mastered, re-pressed & re-released for 2015 with the permission of & in conjunction with Joe Stone of TK Disco, Miami FL.

LP TK: BoldLP303 € 17,99