Ethyl & Flori

Aim 014

Ethyl & Flori - Aim 014

Ethyl & Flori / with Edward Remix - The fourteenth release of Aim brings together, what belongs together. The synergies that meet here unite so strongly to a new meta-mass of mixtures from Detroit-inspired techno, micro-house and the original minimal techno sound from the early 2000 years, that an accumulated yearning can almost be physically felt and heard. There is Ethyl, who now finally makes a contribution and joins Flori after the latters' solo run in the Folding Release (Aim 010). Together the London producer duo plays the needles in the thicket of the Detroit forest. The remix on the B1 of Gieglings Edward shows what the intersection of London longing and Berlin funkyness can do, when interpretation and abstraction find the right lever. The whole record is a play between deep eloquence, self-reflection, clarity, technoid romance and rough forward momentum.

12inch Aim Records: Aim014 remind