Lapalux - Lustmore

Lapalux made something of a splash with his 2011 debut full length, Nostalchic, so hopes are naturally high for this follow-up on Flying Lotus's acclaimed Brainfeeder label. Apparently inspired by the experience of hypnogogia - the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep - Lustmore is a decidedly picturesque set, if one that's naturally drowsy. Full of wonky, off-kilter rhythms, woozy electronics, eyes-closed melodies, tipsy saxophones and evocative vocals (most notably from Andreya Triana), the album sits somewhere between lucid electronica, slack-toned wonk-hop and dreamy ambient moods, a fitting sound given its' subject matter.

2LP + Download Brainfeeder: BF047 € 19,99