The Light

Yobkiss - The Light

Until 2013, YobKiss was an excuse for one man and his laptop to tour solo, particularly in Japan. It was there, that YobKiss met Tokyo resident and vocalist Yuko Hazama. Finding that they shared a musical vision, the pair traded tracks online, with YobKiss working out of Bernard Butler’s 355 studio in North London. The result is latest release The Light, the project’s
first output as a two-piece. According to YobKiss, it’s ''a love of playing old synths, especially when they’re a bit broken'' that propelled The
Light into existence, and that much is obvious from the record’s buzzing, brutal arpeggios. So it makes sense that the three tracks on The Light were mixed at the Brisbane studio of bonkers noise terrorists Monster Zoku
Onsomb, and mastered by legendary Dutch producer Alden Tyrell – these are songs that come spitting and scratching from dance music’s locked groove, clawing rhythm into something new and twisted wherever there’s an opening.

12inch + Download Grond Records: GR1.RVL remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L