Manhattan Project

That's Impossible

Manhattan Project - That's Impossible

It was in 1986, the age of ''Milano da bere'' where young people danced through the ''Electro-pop'' and the new ''Dance'' atmosphere, that MANHATTAN PROJECT band was founded by Rikk Maggese and Andrea Majocchi and supported by City Records.
They recorded two ''pop-dance'' tracks, ''THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE'' and ''GUINNESMAN'', which are a clear reference to the daily life in the 80's. Thanks to its unique cover made of cloth from NAJ OLEARI (A major clothing Italian manufacturer) the record entered into the Guinness Book. The record remained anonymous for a long time, yet it has been rediscovered by all lovers of the ''Italo-disco'' across Europe. Unfortunately, many years later, the available copies are rare and the vinyl disc of ''That's Impossible/Guinnessman'' becomes a treasure much sought. Today, Vielspass records re-release a limited edition of the MANHATTAN PROJECT with two new remixes by Flemming Dalum and Ali Renault. This release is ready to become once more a pop-icon, for all fans of the genre.

12inch Prego: VB005 remind