Le Noiz

Wanna Dance?

Le Noiz - Wanna Dance?

The first release on Trax naturally came from the Jesse Saunders stable. It was an agreement between pressing plant owner Sheerman and Saunders and Vince Lawrence that led to the formation of the label. Early pressings even had a Jes Say catalogue number etched in them, through subsequent editions bear the Trax cat. no. ''Wanna Dance'', unusually for Trax is not really house at all, bearing far more similarities with the experimental productions of On-U-Sound and the Doug Wimbish/Skip McDonald crew. Says Vince ''This is built around the fact that we found out that could call the Linn drum people and order a chip and that said somethin' - we got our first sampler. When we learned that you could say shit and play it like an instrument that was a big deal then.''

12inch Trax: TX101 € 10,99