J. Albert

Emergency Cosmetics Ep

J. Albert - Emergency Cosmetics Ep

''Emergency Cosmetics is New York hardware afficionado J. Albert's second 12'' offering, and comes as the inaugural 12'' release for Los Angeles based Hesperian Sound Division. A valient effort into capturing a fully realized aesthetic, the EP digs into all corners of the Brooklyn producer's repertoire, nodding a head towards classic NY style house and contemporary electronics alike. Side A of the record explores an etherial and transcendent voice, with tracks, ''Beta 3'', and cult classic, ''Are You In''. On the B side, a departure towards concise and minimalist dancfloor cuts presents itself, beginning with high hat clinic ''Pick Me Up'', and culminating in the weighty yet delicate floor burner, ''Givin' Lip''''

12inch Hesperiaan Sound Division: HESP001 remind