Eddie Warner

Progressive Percussions

Eddie Warner - Progressive Percussions

A cornerstone of Edduie Warner's work in library music has now been reissued by Fifth Dimension. 1968 was the year that 'Progressive Percussions Vol. 1' was unleashed upon mankind for the first time and since library music was always meant to be used for the soundtracks of movie and TV productions or commercials, not many people outside that genre may have taken notice of this colorful masterpiece. It was not uncommon that such soundscapes back then consisted of powerful funky and jazzy rhythms, fuzzed out guitars and steaming keyboard work. Eddie Warner and his compatriots spice up these already standardized elements with freaky electronic chimes, morse code sounds and even outbursts of free format psychedelic eruptions that will blow your mind.

LP Fifth Dimension: FD5002-LP € 27,99