Kool D

Casablanca Sessions

Kool D - Casablanca Sessions

''Across an extolled catalogue, the man behind Kool D has refined his sound and stamped his own unique brand on House that is consistently interjected with a degree of energy that stand his productions apart from those of his peers. This - his first under this alias - is no exception: a twisted and elongated meld of nifty sound design, tightly swung rhythms and trippy, syncopated bass lines that are guaranteed to send the floor into rapture. ‘Casablanca Sessions’ kicks off with a series of off-kilter loops set tumbling over a whittled kick drum and creeping tom pattern. African vocals interject and whip up fervour while short, sharp percussive flashes keep momentum rolling. Contorting throughout, tension is astutely lifted throughout while the Dub version on the B-Side offers a more stripped yet effective tool!''

12inch Tuskegee Music: TKG005 € 10,99